Croc Box

Sports Net For Schools and Universities

Institutional Sports Practice Net

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The CrocBox is ideal for schools, institutions rec centers and community areas, high schools, colleges or any organization with sports fields and physical education areas will benefit from the advantages that CrocBox has to offer.

CrocBox is easy to install by maintenance staff and the quality and durability will save money over time by eliminating care. Once the CrocBox is put away, there is no moving it to mow, just mow right over it. There is zero storage as the CrocBox is left out all year in any weather condition.

No more new netting, no more replacing equipment for practices, no more storage issues. Used for baseball warm-ups next to the dug-out, practicing lacrosse shots, kicking and punting for soccer practice, golf for physical education class, the CrocBox is everything in one system.

We here at CrocBox understand the difficulties faced by districts for athletic budgets. Our hope is to help eliminate some of those costs by saving the district and community money directly.

  • Net and equipment replacement costs
  • Maintenance cost
  • Save time on set up and take down
  • Save storage
  • Save the hassle of multiple nets when the CrocBox can handle all your sports net needs

Our booster club program helps us give back to your club for every box sold. Please contact us at  for more information on fundraising with our booster club program.