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Springtime Family Fun

Springtime Family Fun
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Spring is here!

After months of dreary winter weather and kids being cooped up inside, it’s finally spring and one of the best ways to get your kids outside and enjoying it is a backyard sports net. Nothing beats the convenience of having sports equipment at home –it’s why people put in home gyms after all. But that’s easy when all you’re talking about is a bench press or a stair climber. But what about equipment for baseball or softball? Never mind golf or field hockey. Sports practice usually involves driving to a park or other facility but the CrocBox sports net brings it all right home.

CrocBox makes it easy to outfit your back yard with pro-level practice gear. Having a collapsible sports net in the back yard gets your kids outside and off the sofa. Kids burning off excess energy in the springtime sun is good for them and good for you while it’s also helping them to hone the skills they’ll need to excel in their athletic endeavors.

As the school year winds down and the league sports that go with it go on hiatus, a backyard sports net will help build and maintain the skills your young athletes need to compete and to excel.

A CrocBox can be the centerpiece of formal instruction and practice of course, but it’s also a great opportunity for more informal and productive play time. A CrocBox installs in a surprisingly small amount of space and once installed, keeps your kids close by and actively engaged. Even better, adding a CrocBox to your yard makes it a magnet for other kids in the surrounding neighborhood. Group batting practice without broken windows, lost balls or dented cars, it’s a suburbanite’s dream come true.

A CrocBox isn’t limited for use as a batting cage, not by a long shot. It can be used for field hockey, lacrosse, soccer and golf as well as street or ice hockey. If a sports activity involves driving or hitting a ball or puck, the CrocBox has you covered. Now that warmer weather’s returned, it’s easy to take advantage of it and set up multi-sport practice clinics just outside the kitchen door.

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It’s a common complaint that modern kids spend too much time indoors and engaging in passive activity like playing video games or whiling away hours on smart phones. A CrocBox is the solution and a way to get your kids engaged in productive, healthy outdoor activity while keeping them close enough to supervise at the same time. Home sports practices are a great way to build family unity ad teach good sportsmanship. Parents can jump right in too, a CrocBox accommodates all skill levels automatically and lends itself to family fun days as easily as it does to batting practice.

A CrocBox is a quality investment in your kids and your family. It’ll last ‘til they’re grown and it takes up very little space. Getting your kids off the sofa and out into the great outdoors has never been a simpler proposition than it is with CrocBox.

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