Croc Box

About Us

About The CrocBox

Our Story

We wanted a product that wouldn’t be an eyesore left in the yard that had to be mowed around or put up and down constantly. Something that wouldn’t blow down in the wind or that would cause trouble when it was left up.

Our garages were filled with all sorts of nets for different sports but they were simply not being used and didn’t hold up.

We also wanted to build a product that our families could use. We all have kids that play different sports and the more we tested it, the more we realized the versatility.

The Result

The CrocBox is the world’s first buried, multisport net. The CrocBox is so unique it has an international patent pending.

The CrocBox Sports Net System idea came from a simple concept. We wanted to build a convenient, easy and discreet way to practice more.

Most net systems are difficult to put up and tear down. Most net systems take up a lot of room and most net systems begin to deteriorate quickly because they are exposed to the elements. We needed to change all that. We had to build a net system that could be put up and taken down in less than a minute, easy enough a kid can do it!

We wanted our net to disappear when it wasn’t being used. We developed our net to last longer by protecting it from the elements and building it in the US out of quality materials.

The CrocBox™ motto – You Will Practice More™

We took all of these ideas and developed them into the best net system anyone can use, the CrocBox. With the CrocBox, you will practice more.

A Few More Added Benefits

One net can replace all the sports equipment nets you have stuffed into your basement, shed or garage in a pile.

The Crocbox net is 20% larger than most sports nets, and will withstand hours of practice.

Because our net is designed to roll the ball back to you, you don’t have to have multiple balls at your disposal to practice.

No more excuses not to practice.

All you need to do is order yours today and install it following our step by step instructions.

Unsure if you can install it, have a professional landscaper install it for you. We have installation videos also available.