Croc Box


Need real language

Gotta say I love the croc box. It’s quick and easy to set up, my 9 year old sets it up and breaks it down by himself. I really like the fact that I don’t have to move it, like our soccer goal, when I have to mow the lawn. It’s nice to be able to hit real not plastic golf balls at home and not have to go to a driving range.

I also like the fact I don’t need a bucket of balls to hit into it. I’m not the best golfer and have always had a problem with bending my left arm too much so I’ve been hitting balls most nights and trying to get muscle memory on keeping my arm straight. I’ll usually have my son yell at me when I bend my arm and tell me when it was straight.

Since then I’ve been hitting more green than I’m use to and I’ve hit my driver straighter than I’ve ever hit. Over all my son and I absolutely love it we can go out for a half an hour in the evening and swing our clubs every night.